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13 Jul

The Living Room on Boston Eat Party

Our friends at Boston Eat Party just wrote a review of their latest Tuesday night dining and trivia experience at The Living Room! Check them out and come by for #StumpTrivia every Tuesday at 8 pm! Come early for half priced appetizers and to get couch seating.

The barbecue wings had a lot of meat to them, and the sauce was packed with flavor. Honestly, neither of us had ever tried the wings at the Living Room because we weren’t sure how good they would be, and we were so used to ordering the same thing – however, the wings greatly exceeded our expectations. The blackened haddock sandwich was topped with a chipotle aioli that had a bit of a kick to it, and a black pepper brioche bun that brought the flavor altogether. The lobster roll was slathered in butter and the meat was real fresh and chilled to perfection.



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